At the Table: October Bargaining Update

Oct 04, 2021

The Executive Director of the Public-School Labor Relations Board (PSLRB) contacted both TAAAC and AACPS responsive to our “Request for a Determination of Impasse”. Again, the request for a finding of impasse details reasons the parties cannot reach an agreement on their own, while also seeking PSLRB intervention in bridging the gap to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. In the Maryland Public Sector this is how bargaining disputes are resolved.

Oddly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, AACPS refused to file jointly with TAAAC for Impasse, despite refusing to budge on their request for an additional uncompensated work night, while also admitting during negotiations that we had reached Impasse. This process could have moved much faster had AACPS joined our request to the PSLRB. Maybe, this tactic to delay the PSLRB process is something AACPS thought might test our collective resolve to continue with Impasse. It hasn’t worked and it won’t.

TAAAC remains broadly unified around the idea that it is not fair to work an extra evening without some form of compensation.

We are now simply waiting on AACPS to confirm or deny their agreement with TAAAC’s position on impasse. This process will proceed more quickly after AACPS registers their position(s) and the PSLRB issues a finding of impasse.

As we await a ruling on impasse, please remember, once impasse is confirmed – we are freed to make a public case for the fairness of our position(s) and will require the entire membership to deliver and bolster this messaging to your friends, neighbors, community groups and elected officials. We should prepare to tell our stories of workload, lost wages over the last decade plus, the reality of the Brightspace transition and other challenges to television, radio, newspapers and to post the same across social media. We made it this far together and must walk the last mile(s) arm in arm. Look to hear from your Board of Directors, your Bargaining Team and staff organizers soon.

(Right as we were headed to press with this update, TAAAC got word, the school bus drivers working for the private company contracted by AACPS to transport students to school, went on strike as of 5:30 a.m. this morning (10/4/21) feeling their concerns were not being addressed and frustrated with work conditions and wages. I spoke directly to one of the leaders of the strike offering TAAAC support.)

“One day longer, One day stronger.”

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