Weekly Update

Weekly Update: Brightspace

Sep 15, 2021

UPDATE: Please bring this form to your supervisor/administrator to request reduced workload based on the hours you spend uploading content to Brightspace.

Workload has been a longstanding priority for TAAAC members. As Brightspace rolled out, I heard your concerns around implementation, training, and how your workload will be impacted as we return to in-person learning this year.

With the communication sent to teachers this week, we can see workloads continue increase. Directives keep changing, increasing the amount and frequency of posting assignments. AACPS promised this system would make things easier, but that has not initially been the case.

For many years, TAAAC held the line on additional required evening activities, which we all know take more than the 2 hours of the event due to planning time. TAAAC Leadership and your bargaining team are negotiating with AACPS on these issues and have been throughout the summer. We filed for impasse at the bargaining table because it is unacceptable that AACPS ask us to work ANOTHER evening activity without compensation. Brightspace requirements and beyond workhours activities are bound together as clear attempts to ask us to do more for less.

Here’s what we can do together:

  • If you are working beyond your contractual 37.5 hour work week, bring assignments to your principal and ask them to prioritize the additional work.
  • Bring THIS FORM to your supervisor/ administrator to request reduced schedule or workload.
  • Share with coworkers, your Building Rep, and your FAC your concerns around workload and Brightspace.
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