Two important things have been finalized on November 18, 2020

Nov 19, 2020

First, the Board of Education voted 9-0 in favor or ratifying (accepting) the Negotiated Agreement between TAAAC and AACPS for this school year 2020-2021. This contract goes into effect immediately. The step increases for those eligible should be applied to the January 13 paycheck for 12-month employees and the February 10 paycheck for 10-month employees.

Second, TAAAC and AACPS have agreed to reduce the SLO requirement to one (1) SLO for this school year. This continues to meet the student growth requirement placed by MSDE. There will be a memo outlining the details to all Unit 1 employees.

SLO will be valued at 30% of your rating.
Professional Practices will be 70% of the rating.
SLOs will be teacher directed (no school wide SLO).
Teachers may utilize teacher made assessments with principal approval or county assessments.

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