A New Proposal Concerning Observations

Jan 08, 2016

In contract negotiations, the Board has proposed an expansion of the use of Unit 1 employees in the observations of other Unit 1 employees. Specifically, the proposal would allow/require teacher specialists in their various subject areas to observe classroom teachers within their respective subject area for the purpose of informing the classroom teachers’ ratings.

This is a new approach that our negotiators have not seen in prior years. Training for the teacher specialists will be provided and the concern over disruption of the collegial relationships between department chairs and department members is not a factor here. Historically, TAAAC’s negotiators have been reluctant to agree to the observations of unit employees by other unit employees, and they are reluctant to agree to this as well. More input is needed.

TAAAC’s negotiators would like to hear opinions from both teacher specialists and from classroom teachers on this proposal. We negotiate again on Tuesday, January 12th.

Please send any opinions or suggestions that you have on this topic directly to [email protected].

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