Grage In – Arundel Mills Mall

Oct 29, 2015

Our Meade High faculty is hosting a “GRADE-IN” at the Arundel Mills Food Court tomorrow, Friday October 30, after work hours to continue grading. This will be a way to show our community how much we do #beyondthebell. Please join the group and help publicly dispel the myth of the 7-1/2 hour workday. Spread the word to colleagues who may not be on my distribution list. All may RSVP on the below link.


The plan is for high school teachers to be there from about 2:30-4:30 (and later if they would like). Since the middle & elementary schools get out later, they will be joining us around 4 pm to continue the grade-in.

Though the faculty is working to rule, many are being required to grade beyond paid work hours to meet the county’s grade reporting deadlines. Our teachers will be tracking these extra essentially mandatory hours beyond the work week and will be positioned to initiate the appropriate grievances if necessary. I am encouraging others to do likewise.

The Capital’s education reporter has been notified, so a respectable showing would be help.

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