FY16 Negotiated Agreement Update

Sep 24, 2015

By now most of you are aware that the fiscal year 2106 Negotiated Agreement was tentatively settled late Monday (September 21) evening, following 11 months and one day of effort, a declaration of impasse, and two long days of assistance by a professional mediator. Part of Monday’s settlement was a confidentiality provision requiring that neither party put out a release until both parties agreed on the content of a joint release. That joint release was publicly distributed yesterday.

Details of the settlement will be coming out electronically to all Unit 1 employees within the next couple days in the form of a comprehensive settlement summary. In the email there will be a link to allow Unit 1 employees an opportunity to cast a ballot as whether to accept or reject the settlement. The results of that balloting will inform the Association Representative Council when they consider the accept/reject question on the evening of October 7.

It would not be appropriate to dole out the details in small pieces. So, I am asking that you hold your questions until the summary is distributed. It is our intent to have the summary in your email boxes by close of business on Friday – sooner if possible.

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