Aug 19, 2015

There has been little progress to report. Nevertheless, an update is appropriate if for no other reason than to clearly explain the current situation. An outline follows. Some of the news will not be new.

1) Impasse was declared near the close of July.

2) The parties had 5 days to select a mediator (as defined in regulation*), 10 days to submit last and best offer to the PSLRB, and 14 days to commence mediation (as defined in regulation**).

3) The parties have met all the time lines even though there has not yet been a mediation session.

4) Negotiators for both parties have a conference call scheduled with the mediator at 11:00am on the morning of August 21st. Opportunities for mediation sessions include eight dates in September and two in October. The TAAAC team is willing to meet on any of those dates.

5) As a final note, there is no guarantee that mediation will result in a mutual agreement. If it is unsuccessful, the PSLRB will impose one of three choices: TAAAC’s last and best offer, Board’s last and best offer, or an award drafted by the mediator.

(*) select a mediator is defined as beginning the selection process. (**) commence mediation is defined as having selected a mediator and the mediator having agreed to serve.


Be reminded to join the Celebrate Educators event coming this Friday (August 21) from 11:00 AM to 3:00 at Sandy Point State Park. Food, beverages, games, and prizes are provided. Members are welcome even not preregistered. While there’s no cost for the event, the park does charge a per car fee. Plan on car pooling, and make certain to mention you’re a TAAAC member going the TAAAC event. Our fee is reduced to $3.00 per car which will be charged directly to TAAAC. There is no cost to members or guests.

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