Impasse Declared in Anne Arundel County Teacher Negotiations

Jul 15, 2015

Pursuant to the request filed by theTeachers Association of Anne Arundel County and the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County, the Public School Labor Relations Board (PSLRB) has determined from the facts that an impasse has been reached in negotiations between the two parties.

This determination was made by the PSLRB on July 14, 2015, and been reached as to the following matters in dispute:

  • Cost of living adjustment
  • Experience step increase
  • Stipend for assignment to “challenged” schools
  • Increase in hourly pay (workshop and extra-instructional)
  • Longevity lanes on extra-curricular salary scale
  • Recognition of experience credit for newly hired teachers
  • Experience recognized by step increase at the beginning of each year
  • Resignation during the school year with 30-day’s notice
  • Number of duty days in the work year
  • Maintaining salary status during due process appeals

In accordance with Maryland statute, the parties must begin to select a mediator in five calendar days, commence mediation in fourteen calendar days, and submit ”last and best” offers to the PSLRB in ten calendar days.

This impasse occurred following sixteen sessions of negotiations held between October and July failed to produce a tentative agreement.

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