TAAAC Members Needed…

May 04, 2015

Public Budget Hearing
Monday, May 11, 7:00PM
Annapolis High School

County Executive Steve Schuh allocated only the minimum lawful level of funding. This will be the seventh consecutive year in a row. Every year deepens the wound.

It does not include:

  • Step increases
  • Positions for expansion of the EEE program to three more feeder systems. That is a program great for young people with a side benefit that it provides elementary teachers with additional planning time.
  • Additional instructional positions to address 1,100 new students. Class sizes will continue to rise.
  • New positions to meet the needs of non-English speakers

Please arrive by 6:30 prepared to hold carry a sign (we’ll have plenty) for 30 minutes in support of our profession.

Enter the building at 7:00 if you’d like to support TAAAC President Richard Benfer and others who will be testifying in support of public school educators.

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