Negotiations, Budget Workshop

Jan 23, 2015


Wednesday’s bad weather had a rippling effect that extended to our local collective bargaining. The snow arrived in mid-afternoon. Evening activities including the meeting of the Board of Education were cancelled. The Board had no opportunity to direct its negotiating team on items pending for Thursday’s session, and the scheduled full-day negotiating session that would have been was not. The teams will not be together again until February 9. It was not the fault of either party. Nonetheless, a stall in negotiations such as this warranted you’re being informed.

Workshop on Superintendent’s Proposed Budget

On Tuesday, a workshop on the proposed budget was held for the Board at the central office building. The Superintendent and Chief Operating Officer explained the proposed budget in some detail. It was confirmed that the $11.7 million placeholder in the proposed budget is insufficient to pay for a step increase for all employees. According to the Chief Operating Officer, a one step increase for all eligible employees would cost $14.1 million. The cited amount is a bit higher than the $13.25 million that’s been referenced by information coming from this office, and we’ve since been questioned about the difference. It is because our reports reference step increases for the four bargaining units who enjoy the benefit of collective bargaining and have step increases prescribed in their respective collective bargaining agreements. The COO’s higher projection included eligible employees from two additional units who do not share the benefit of collective bargaining.

Comments and questions from the Board members attending the workshop revealed that they are indeed reading your emails. Thank you to all who took a few minutes to make the contacts. To those of you who have not yet done so but wish to participate, be reminded that the Board will adopt its Budget on February 18. Time to make a difference is running out. The Board members’ email addresses are shown below along with those for their Assistant and the Superintendent:

Please avoid sending your email messages while on AACPS paid work time.

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