Budget Hearing January 9th, 7:00PM

Jan 08, 2015

“This county will lose me on the day I can retire and it is a shame because I really care about these kids and I make great strides with the low level and diverse population of students I teach.”

Does this ring a familiar note? It is the closing remark from one of the many local educators who’ve expressed frustration with an unmanageable workload.  It would be helpful for members of the Board of Education to hear from others with contributions to make.

TAAAC is asking every available member to attend the January 9th Public Hearing on the Superintendent’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2015 Budget at the Parham Building on Riva Road. We ask those who have our blue TAAAC shirts or jackets to wear them. We ask that members who do yet have any TAAAC regalia to wear something blue. The hearing begins at 7:00PM.

We are encouraging every willing member to come and stand before the Board and share the personal struggle to balance an increasingly unmanageable workload with family and personal obligations in the face of declining standard of living, and ask the appointed members of the Board for some relief. The budget as proposed provides none. Personal stories are far more compelling than summaries provided by representatives.

Even those who may not want to testify should plan on attending in support of President Benfer and their colleagues who come to tell their stories.

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