TAAAC Update / Balloting Reminder

May 29, 2014

TAAAC’s Association Representative Council will vote to accept or reject the Tentative Agreement at its June 4th meeting, per the May 23rd email correspondence from the Public Information Office. We have approximately 1,000 responses to date.

In that the determination of the ARC will be informed by the balloting underway, it is critically important for educators who will be working under conditions defined in the Tentative Agreement to make their voices heard.

To cast your ballot on the Tentative Agreement reached between the parties’ respective negotiating teams, please review the Settlement Summary and the Tentative Salary Scales, then use the CLICK HERE to cast your vote.

If clicking on the link does not work immediately, please copy and paste it onto the URL line.

Please remember that the Tentative Agreement is still subject to funding by the County Council.


It is our understanding that representatives from the National Teachers Associates (NTA) are visiting schools selling insurance products to employees. Be advised that the products being sold are similar to those offered by local vendors that have earned the trust of this Association, have partnered with TAAAC for many years, have provided timely and high quality service, hold AACPS payroll keys for easy payment, and retain local and available agents to troubleshoot any problems.

Before participating in any plans offered by NTA (or any other unsponsored vendor) it would be prudent for members to compare the products offered with those offered within TAAAC’s member-only benefit programs. Yes, take the offer you like best but it’s worth the time to compare.

If there are any questions, please call or email Bill Jones at 410-224-3330 or [email protected].

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