Processing of Fourth Marking Period Report Cards

May 20, 2013

following is a verbatim excerpt from a memorandum approved by George Arlotto, Associate Supertintendent, and Richard Benfer, TAAAC President, regarding the procedure for completing the fourth quarter report cards. If there are question, please do not hesitate to call.

As you may be aware, TAAAC initiated grievances during the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years contending that the timelines issued by AACPS for the submission of elementary school report cards did not comport with the provisions of Article 11K of the Negotiated Agreement, resulting in workload concerns for teachers. AACPS and TAAAC disagree over the interpretation of the term “computerized” as used in Article 11K, but agreed to resolve the grievance to avoid the time and expense associated with arbitration. Also, AACPS and TAAAC wanted to define the expectations and parameters of how elementary school report cards would be handled until the language of Article 11K is amended through negotiations or until the process by which report cards are generated is changed.

As a result of the agreement between AACPS and TAAAC, all elementary teachers in grades 1-5 will receive six hours of time between June 3 and June 13 to complete report cards. The time shall be in blocks of not less than one (1) hour during the negotiated work day and shall not be during individual planning time or duty-free lunch time. Each principal will work with the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) regarding how the time will be scheduled.

It is recommended that schools utilize the time set aside for professional development and/or collaborative planning during the week of June 3 in addition to the afternoons of June 11-13, as these are early release days for all students.

No later than the end of the work day, Thursday, June 13, teachers in grades 1-5 will have completed their draft reports cards in Chancery. Principals will review and edit report cards and comments prior to Monday, June 17. Teachers will finalize report cards by the close of business on Monday, June 17 in Chancery.  In the event that principals and FACs are unable to agree on a schedule of the six (6) hours, teachers will be required to complete the report card process on June 17.

Because pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers will have already completed their progress reports and parent-teacher conferences prior to the beginning of the report card reporting dates, they may not have had six (6) hours designated during their work day to prepare progress reports. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers that did not receive the six (6) hours of time are to be released from any professional responsibilities during the six (6) hours of time that the grades 1-5 teachers are to receive to work on the preparation of report cards. If the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers have received any portion of the referenced six (6) hour period, they are only entitled to the remaining portion. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers may use this time as they see fit.

If any elementary teacher does not receive the full six hours of time, or any portion thereof, prior to the end of the work day, Monday, June 17, they shall receive per diem compensation for work performed to prepare report cards during non-duty time, including planning time, lunch, and after the work day. The accounting form that has been prepared by TAAAC shall be the acceptable form for the submission of time.

Please contact your Regional Assistant Superintendent or your TAAAC/UniServ Director for questions related to the elementary report card process.

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