Feb 15, 2013

TAAAC has had about 1% of members cast a vote in the MSEA election. Your TAAAC rep should have received the information from MSEA to distribute to you. The only difference this year is the election is being held online. You can go to www.marylandeducators.org to vote. When you get to the page the Election button is on the right hand side (right above the MSEA fund for children button where you can sign up for payroll deduction.) Click it and put in your member number (you can find this on your MSEA card or ask your rep; they have a list) and the last four digits of your social security number as your password. Then you can vote. The deadline to vote is February 25, 2013.

The TELL Maryland Survey is also up and ready. Your principal received an email from regional superintendents about the survey. You do need a code that can be obtained from your principal. Kate Gilbert mentioned to me that principals were asked to give teachers time during the workday to complete the survey. Schools need at least 50% participation in order to receive data from the survey. Please contact the TAAAC office if you have trouble with the survey.

Finally, the TAAAC election is also going on at this time. I am hoping it will be the last election where scantron bubble sheets are used. After reviewing how Howard County and MSEA do with their online results, we will investigate the viability in our local. Please be sure to vote. Bubble in your ballot and give it to your rep. Even though we have no contested races, NEA bylaws state that we must conduct and election and certify the results.

Please feel free to email me or call the TAAAC office with questions. Thank you for all your hard work with our students. I look forward to future communications now that I have learned to use the system.

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