Ratification of Tentative Agreement

Sep 10, 2012

As of Friday, September 7th, Association Representative packets containing contract ratification materials have been delivered to every school and worksite except as noted below. Please be reminded that the balloting needs to be completed prior to the Special ARC on September 18th, 5:00PM, at Hellas on Veteran’s Highway in Millersville. The results need to be submitted at that meeting or delivered to the TAAAC office in advance. AR’s are free to hold the balloting anytime between today and the 18th.

If they have not arrived by the day of this update, ratification packets are coming soon by basket mail in manila envelopes to the non-classroom cost centers at the Central Office and at the Heritage Complex, and in AR bags to West Meade and Pershing Hill Elementary Schools.

Two questions have been raised by AR’s. Both are answered below:

1)    Is the increase for only one year, or is a permanently on the scale? It has been negotiated as a permanent increase.
2)    What happens if the Agreement is rejected? Unit 1 employees would almost certainly continue to work under the terms and conditions of employment imposed by the Board on June 20th. There would be no increase, no premium holiday, and no reduction in the number of work days. Bargaining would begin in October for the 2013-14 fiscal year as scheduled.

Please call TAAAC if assistance is needed to hold an election at your school/worksite.

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