Memo Issued

Jun 06, 2012

As you are aware, a memo was issued on May 24, 2012, regarding the grade reporting timeline for the 2011-2012 school year. Teachers were to receive six hours of time to work on report cards as outlined in the memo. Because pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers had already completed their progress reports and parent-teacher conferences by that date, they may not have had six hours designated during their workday to prepare progress reports.

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers that did not receive the six hours of time are to be released from any professional responsibilities during the six hours of time that the other teachers are to receive to work on the preparation of report cards. If the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers have received any portion of the referenced six hour period, they are only entitled to the remaining portion. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers may use this time as they see fit and are allowed to leave early if the time is provided at the end of the workday. In the event the Faculty Advisory Council and the principal were unable to agree upon a schedule concerning how the six hours were to be provided or if they were able to reach an agreement and the six hour time period has expired, then pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers will have their workday reduced on June 11, 2012, by the portion of the six hours that they have not received.

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