TAAAC Budget Update

May 25, 2012

Most recipients of this update may be aware of the decision made by the County Council concerning the Education Budget yesterday (5/24). Although money was clearly available to provide some relief for struggling educators, the Council provided none of it for steps or other salary improvements even though they could have. This year “affordability” did not obstruct the Council from giving back some of what it took from us over the past three years. Rather, they made a conscious choice to fund more positions rather than return some of what they’ve taken away over the past few years.

The Council’s action will have a direct impact on negotiations. The TAAAC team has no intention of settling without some compensation enhancement to return a portion of what has been taken from its members. But the Board will be bullied by the Council not to provide any. If necessary, members may be asked in the coming weeks to particiapte in some activities.

Negotiation sessions are scheduled for May 29th and June 5th. So, we will know soon whether there will be a restful summer and smooth start-up in August; or whether some of the summer will be spent painting signs and scheduling impasse activities.

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