Another Agreement Ratified

Yesterday, November 4th, the Board of Education ratified its second collective bargaining agreement for fiscal year 2016. This one was with the Local 1693American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the exclusive negotiating agent for Unit 3 employees. Unit 3 consists of classified employees in Operations, Maintenance, Transportation and Food Service. The agreement modified fifteen provisions of its predecessor.


  • Hourly Rates, will be modified to reflect that Unit III employees will be granted a two percent (2%) cost of living adjustment (COLA) effective July 1, 2015.
  • New Section: Fair Share/Agency Fee, will be modified for eligible employees upon receipt of evidence substantiating AFSCME’s attainment of a membership share of no less than seventy percent (70%) of Unit III employees.
  • Vacation/Annual Leave; Rate of Earning, will be modified to provide the equivalent of one (1) annual leave day to all AFSCME employees for FY16.
  • The entire settlement summary can be viewed HERE.

The Board of Education closed out its fiscal year 2015 budget on October 23rd showing a $3.6M unassigned fund balance. There is a movement afloat to get some of that allocated in the current year. TAAAC President Richard Benfer is involved in those meetings support the request for its allocation and to ensure that if such money is allocated in FY2016, where it is allocated is subject to negotiations. If it is not allocated it will roll into the FY2017 operating budget as local revenue.


#1) TAAAC’s Association Representative Council (ARC) considered a motion to join a boycott of restaurants owned partially by County Executive Steve Schuh and Councilman Derek Fink already underway. After significant debate, the motion passed. The restaurants include, Black Wall Hitch, J. King’s, and the Green Turtles in Annapolis, Crofton, and Pasadena.

#2) TAAAC’s ARC also considered a motion requesting all TAAAC representatives to return to their schools and worksites and encourage the faculties to consider working to rule or taking some other lawful job action to express our collective frustration with the persistent underfunding of local education.


Please take some time to review the various activities taking place throughout the year where you can make an impact. No contribution of time is too small. You can make a difference. With over 6,000 other member voices, the message will speak volumes to the intended audiences.

In the comment section of the sign-up, please share what actions you are willing to participate. The suggested list is as follows and is provided (below the link to sign up) for your reference after you do your sign-ups and submit. Select the letter or letters that correspond with what you are willing to do and put the letter or letters in the comment section.

Thank you for your activism, and I look forward to your very valuable input and involvement to take back our county and make educators whole again. It cannot be done without YOU! Sign-up today!

a. Come to a board/county council/town hall meeting.
b. Speak at a board/county council/meeting.
c. Write a letter to the superintendent/board members/county executive/county council members.
d. Write an email to the superintendent/board members/county executive/county council members.
e. Make phone calls to the superintendent/board members/county executive/county council members.
f. Participate in an organized grade-in.
g. Help TAAAC identify and provide data on why teachers are leaving.
h. Take pictures of waste and send them to us.
i. Picket job fairs that recruit educators
j. Work a polling station on election day.
k. Other – Please specify in comments section