Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary Report Card Update

This message is primarily for TAAAC members in Pre-K through Grade 5 and it concerns recent jointly released memoranda from George Arlotto, Associate Superintendent, and Tim Mennuti, TAAAC President to Elementary School Principals regarding the report card/grade sheet deadline. Two separate memos were released, one regarding Pre-K and Kindergarten, the other Grades 1-5. The text of the memos…

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Processing of Fourth Marking Period Report Cards

As you may be aware, TAAAC initiated grievances during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years contending that the timelines issued by AACPS for the submission of elementary school report cards did not comport with the provisions of Article 11K of the Negotiated Agreement, resulting in workload concerns for teachers. AACPS and TAAAC disagree over the interpretation…

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